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Thread: robo bold cyp

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    robo bold cyp

    Started may 3rd on bold cyp and have experienced some pretty bad pip from this until 4th week in. Very little pip anymore and no flue symptoms anymore from it. No strength yet but definitely weight gain of about 10 lbs even with intermittent fasting. I think the strength is just around the corner. do have some unexplained lump here an there but hope they go away???

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    Cyp ester doesn't reach peak blood levels until weeks 4-6 (varies) so gains are just around the corner.

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    10lbs on I-F, i would say is a very good thing

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    Iím 9 weeks in to a robo bold Cyp & robo primo. Strength kicked in like crazy this past week and hunger is up. Do have some pip and lumps but they come and go. Super happy with this cycle so far.

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    Its 12lbs as of today and cosmos are the lumps all below the injection site like 2 inches. I did a peck shot and the lump is in the center of chest 2 to 3 inches from the injection.

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    I do only glut shots. Some lumps are directly at injection site. Iíve had a few that were a inch way from injection site.
    One was very painful and I actually thought I got bit by something. I took antibiotics for one day thinking it wasnít related. It went away after 2 days. The pip and lumps seem similar to when Iíve used robo Primo in the past. Iíve come to expect it from Primo.

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    robo has some of the smoothest gear. so you are extra sensitive.. try warming up the muscle and gear before injecting

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    Frank part of the problem was from warming, ever since I stopped doing that the pip has pretty much gone away. I thing I was getting it to hot because Im a dumbass lol

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    I did a right quad shot and had very little pain and then did a left quad shot and was limping for 5 days (bad). realized that right quad I had heated very little and the left quad I had gotten pretty warm that day. I was paranoid because when I got the gear in march it was crashed big time and I thought the hotter the better but that isn't true I guess.

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    I got a new batch now

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