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Thread: RickRock - Your rep for 1-Stop Domestic Shop high quality gear!

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    No matter what your goal is, 1-stop domestic shop has everything you need at the highest quality and best service you'll find. If you would like our price list, send me a PM

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    For our newest updated price list, send me a PM

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    1 stop domestic shop has everything you need. PM me to help you out with a list or to help set a cycle up for you

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    Big Sale going on right now for Test Undecaonate. 10ml

    Buy two st 45$ a bottle, get one free..

    That makes it 30 bucks a bottle!

    Jump on this great deal while its here.

    Send me a PM for a price list

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    This is one sweet deal for test, and a perfect ester for the trt guys out there. Dont miss out!

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    bumping the sale, PM one of us for the list

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    Sale on Test Undecaonate still going. Buy two get one free!

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    Shoot me a PM for the newest updated price list

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    For the best domestic source around, send me a PM for a price list

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    My essentials just arrived

    Pinnacle Test C 250mg
    Aromasin 12.5mg
    Cialis 20mg

    Hit me up for a price list

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