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Thread: RickRock - Your rep for 1-Stop Domestic Shop high quality gear!

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    Anybody else looking for a price list? Send me a PM and let me get you hooked up with the best domestic gear around

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    A lot of people will be looking for gains after the 1st of the year. Take your cycles to the next level with 1 stop domestic shop.

    Send me a PM on here and I can help set up your cycle and get you our price list

    You can also message me on wickrme mobile app (username RickRock13)

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    Pinnacle Test C 250mg and Primo 200mg both in 20ml bottles.

    I am currently running both along with deca for my winter cycle. This gear is potent, smooth, and as good as it gets.

    Send me a PM for a price list of our high quality gear at 1 stop domestic shop

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    If you are interested in seeing our newest updated price list drop me a PM, or send me a message on wickrme mobile app. Usernske RickRock13

    1 stop domestic shop is as good as it gets for high quality domestic gear

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    New year, and new goals. Start the year off right with the right gear to take those goals to the next level.

    1 stop domestic shop has everything you need. The quality and service is top notch.

    Send me a PM and let me get you hooked up with our price list

    You can also send me a message on wickrme mobile app. (Username RickRock13)

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    Anybody else looking for a price list hit me up in PM or on wickrme mobile app.

    If you are unsure about your cycle and need some guidance, i can help you set one up that will be the best for your goals.

    1 stop domestic shop has you covered no matter what your goals are with the highest quality domestic gear you'll find anywhere

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    Pinnacle Proviron 25mg (100 ct)

    This is a must for anyone running a deca cycle to help with DHT and to alleviate the symptoms of deca dick. I am running this right now at 50mg per day along with pinnacle test C, deca, and primo

    Send me a PM for our price list of 1 stop domestic shop products from our 2 domestic sources Axiom and pinnacle

    You can also reach me on wickrme mobile app (RickRock13)

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    Quality is a big deal. Everybody wants a good source that has a reputation for high quality, and great service that goes above and beyond exceeding expectations.

    1 stop Domestic shop is exactly that. It doesn't get any better than the service and products they offer.

    Interested in a price list from our two domestic sources, Pinnacle and Axiom?

    Send me a PM or message me on wickrme (username RickRock13) and ill be happy to help you out and get you all set up to take your goals to the next level!!

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    Anybody else needing a price list send me a PM here or directly on wickrme (RickRock13)

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    Pinnacle EQ 400mg in 20ml bottle

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