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Thread: Pharmalady Specials Request

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    Any Specials request for April?

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    Would love to see Deca and Test E on there in April. The Masteron E deal this month is awesome. Thanks guys.

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    A cutting combo! GW, SR9009 from GA!

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    One week left to put in those requests for April.

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    Well since test is a the base of all things I think that should be on your list! Gotta have it!

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    Caber+deca combo discount

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    Or test + deca+ caber combo discount lol

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    Modafinil PLEASE lol

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    Last minute request for Trestolone Ace, aromasin, and Lantus! Iím going to assume lantus cant be discounted but, hey, it doesnít hurt to ask!!
    Love the products Pharmalady, excited to place an order next month.

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    Iíd like to see a deal on sarms like buy 2 get 1 free. Aromasin, Nolva, Clomid, Masteron, TDT, Primo, Sustanon.

    But please really consider some Sarms specials.


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