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Thread: PharmaLady LIGHTNING SPEED Shipping >.<

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    PharmaLady LIGHTNING SPEED Shipping >.<

    Just received my order today. I ordered this only 1 week ago!... This is the fastest shipment I've ever received from pharmalady, and this is with current usps delays.
    I dont know how this could possibly have gotten here so fast. Unreal
    Such a professional source

    6 EQ
    4 NPP
    5 TEST CYP
    100 TABS DBOL

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    Thanks for sharing, Pharmalady appreciates your support.

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    Just got mine today too! Super fast indeed and very well packaged and super stealthy mine came in days ! Pharma lady for the win ! She really came though for me on this one ! So happy I'm ordering again ! Lol

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