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Thread: Pharmalady email

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    Pharmalady email

    I was in the process of an email and thread with pharmalady for an order and then when I went to send my payment information the email was rejected. Was wondering if anyone else had any issues?

    I went ahead and sent again and added the rep email as well.


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    please note! Not talking bad about PL. I've always had amazing experiences. Assume this is just a minor hiccup or an issue on my end if no one else has had this issue.

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    Countermail is doing service updates and will be unavailable for a couple of days. You can send payment information to [email protected].
    This email address is temporary, until the service update is completed. A post was created addressing this matter, just waiting for a Mod to approve it. Sorry for
    any inconvenience this may have caused and thanks for supporting Pharmalady.


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    Countermail is now available

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