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Thread: Pharmacom ordering issues.

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    Just checked it out, please standby guys. There is a system malfunction with the coupon code. Will update this thread shortly when fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitman View Post
    I just tried it in all lower case and the price actually went up.
    hello Sir!
    All our Discount codes from now on will offer you Bonus Coins which you will be able to use anytime on our store.

    example: 10% Discount from a 200$ order, equals to 20 Bonus Coins - 20$ ... which you can use at the time of your order or in the future.

    Also, we now have a cash back system which will generate the same Bonus Coins when your total orders will reach a certain amount, 5% at 1,000$ orders, 10% for 1,500$ and 15% for 2,000$.

    Please feel free to contact us by PM info for more specific info or if anything is still unclear.

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KODA24 View Post
    OK..... I understand all that I tried to order again chose Western Union they told me I had to order $200 worth then it told me to pick money gram instead cancel my order resubmit, which I did. I placed my order it said you need to order more than $200 worth that's a bunch of crap I'm tired of their BS, I don't ever want to order from them again thank you for your time though. Very dissatisfied.
    No worries Sir, plenty of other good vendors on this community.

    MG and WU will soon be removed by all sources and only Cypto currencies will remain. Like all other sources, we were forced to raise the minimum order for both WU & MG due to increasingly pressures made by both companies to stop retail transactions on their service network.

    We thank you for your time also.

    All the best!

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    Anyone else still awaiting products to be shipped after 3 weeks? Placed my first order with pharmacom and it’s been 3 weeks and still have not arrived.

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    So guys

    it works but we no longer use Cash Discounts.

    customers get 10% discount in Bonus coins ..... which they can use for future purchases.

    like 200$ order ... they get 20$ bonus Coins, meaning 20$ free products to use from, next time.

    also, we added cashback system, when they reach a total sum spent of 1000$ or 1,500$ .. they get discounts directly credited to their accounts.

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