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Thread: Pharma Lady TD!!!!! Top Notch Service!!!!

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    Pharma Lady TD!!!!! Top Notch Service!!!!

    Don't post very much more of a lurker around here but want to publicly thank pharmalady for her awesome customer service and further more super quick ship times. What I got from her is all from Global Anabolics:


    Clen (will be here this week)

    Really excited about the Proviron because it's been a while since I have had some of this. Heard hers was legit stuff. And the cytomel for the summer cut is going to be awesome. I get Cialis from the Doc but it's so damn expensive so it's nice Pharmalady prices are so damn good on the Cialis so I can keep things rolling in the right direction. Been on TRT for roughly 7 months. Plan to keep the test at 200 mg a week and plan just run a short oral cycle to dial it all in. I have clen on the way from her as well. This is my first time trying her as I have tried one other source on this forum and they were really good. Using their Test Cyp for TRT now.

    Any feedback on these items from members would be awesome! Also kudos as well for the verification code on the orals really top notch Pharmalady!

    And last but not least thank you to cbbram for answering all of my questions without hesitation and getting me set up right! You are a true professional sir. If I like how these orals treat me you all have a customer for life! Thank you all once again!

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    Welcome to the Pharma Lady experience. Good to hear... That's for posting.

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    PL never disappoints.

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