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Thread: Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

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    Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

    Hello I am Pharma Lady, International seller of high quality pharma grade brands from Asia and Europe.I have many years experience and all products sold are the highest quality. I have full product line of almost everything any bodybuilding or athlete would need.

    *Pharma grade products from reputable brands Global Anabolic and Platinum Biotech*
    *Fast and discreet international shipping with tracking numbers*
    *Shipping worldwide*
    *Over 4 years on Isarms forum with many good feedback*
    *Monthly specials and discounts and free gifts*

    Email - [email protected]

    Forum rep - [email protected]

    Price list - [email protected]

    Thank you for your continued support.
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    Email me for product and price list = [email protected]

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    Is the July price list available yet?

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    I have no idea, I emailed Pharmaladylist and still waiting for reply. Maybe she is very busy.

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    Not yet, it's usually available around the 2nd or 3rd of the month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PharmaLadyRep View Post
    Not yet, it's usually available around the 2nd or 3rd of the month.
    I'm sending you a PM

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    Ok and the list for July is available.

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    I have sent a couple emails the past month with no reply. Can someone please contact me?

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    Are you using the right email address, price list - [email protected] and questions - [email protected]

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    Yes, I was in contact with [email protected]. They told me they would find out the status of my order and email back, but never did.

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