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Thread: Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

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    This post was deleted

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    Quote Originally Posted by PharmaLadyRep View Post
    Didn't we repond to your email after your last post?
    Yes, and I did exactly as I was told and still haven't gotten a response from pharmalady

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    That was on August 10, which wasn't three weeks ago. I also explained to you why there was a delay in her email response time. If you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact pharmaladyquestions. For security reasons, this isn't the proper place to discuss your issue.

    Thank you

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    September's price list is now available.

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    Just a shoutout to PharmaLady. Another great order arrived today. Thank you for the great service and great products.

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    November's list is now available.

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    February price list please

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    March list is now available

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    Pharmalady always delivers. Reshipped (with seizure letter) no questions asked. Good prices, good selection and quality. Just whatever you do, BE POLITE. She WILL put you in your place quickly, but Pharmalady always delivers. 10/10 satisfaction.

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    I just forwarded an order for my fountain of youth and I'll never run out again! (Says the old man who's ready to go!)

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