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Thread: Pharma lady comes through again!!

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    Pharma lady comes through again!!

    Another outstanding delivery from pharma lady that only took 7 days!!! (economy , not express shipping). There goes some gear porn (sry that i'm too dumb to upload thumbnail ) - Sry about the lightning in this one ... it's primobolan 100 Tren blend 200 and test blend 325.

    I'm gonna have a loose skin removal surgery/lower body lifting(due to dropping 120 lbs of fat) soon , as soon as i recover and i'm able to train again i'm gonna do a MENT cycle and a very detailed log ... Currently on mk 677 (been on for months , great stuff)

    Besides the mk 677, any recomandations for me on what can i take to recover faster/keep muscle loss to a minimum ? i was considering ostarine for 1 month but if you have any other suggestion it's welcome

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    I'll upload them for you...

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    Thanks for sharing...

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    thanks a lot

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    Aspirate and pin that TDT Rapid 300 very slow. The high concentration and Tren cough put me on my knees a couple of times. Potent AF.

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    my friend is gonna run it soon , he pins very slow , 50 mg ed in the side delt with a slin needle , he never got tren cough doing it this way. However he never ran this blend , just tren 75

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    The 75 doesn't give me cough just a little throat tickle. This one will... Please let him know. It's scary when it hits but it won't last more than a minute or two but it seems like forever.

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    It's got good quality Mast too... Kept me really dry and libido very high.

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    good to know , any PIP or tips for injecting MENT ?

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    MENT has some PIP. Warming the oil seems to help a little bit. Remember a little MENT goes a long way.

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