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Thread: Pfizer Caber 1mg in stock!

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    Pfizer Caber 1mg in stock!

    The real deal Pfizer Caber is in stock and ready to roll. The high dose 1mg Tabs. Easy to split of you want 1/2 mg. You can buy it in 5 packs for $75 or 10 packs for $135. Reach out to one of the one stop Domestic reps. Tazz, Rick Rock, or Buddah.

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    Shipping is quick and payment is easy.

    I respond quickly and am always willing to help with cycle advice.

    Reach out to me for a list. Thank you.

    tazzog on Wickr

    Always here for you with any questions/concerns guys!

    1-Stop Domestic Shop Head Rep
    Wickr: Tazzog (ordering and price list)

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