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Thread: Peak Performance Test Cyp 250 bloodwork / IWGF / Cbbram

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    Peak Performance Test Cyp 250 bloodwork / IWGF / Cbbram

    Just thought I'd throw up some numbers from my test c injections.Im a little disappointed because none of the test I really wanted were done,I told the dr I would pay out of pocket for the extras,but I guess someone dropped the ball so this is just a basic bloodwork.I really wanted to see where my e2 is at.

    I'm 5'9 225#
    43 years old today,I've been lifting for 2.5 years 4-6 days a week. I'm eating 80% clean.

    I dont have the test from a year ago,but my test was 360 then,I started this cycle / trt 9weeks ago.

    I started my first two weeks injecting 125mg twice a week into the delts. Then started 35 mg daily, subq.
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    numbers look good for TRT.

    i would ask for your doctor to refund you for the mistake.

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    Thatís a great number for TRT more then great. I bet u feel great now vs 360 before !!!

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    So which brand Testosterone are you using? Axio? Peak? Which ester? Axio and Peak are 2 completely different sources.

    Great results btw but if you're on TRT your dosage is a little high.

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    Peak cypionate 250...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liftingtrucker View Post
    Peak cypionate 250...
    Cool bro thanks for sharing your bloodwork. I edited the title so everyone knows the source.

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    There you go guys if u r still doubting !! Like i said before I have been with them for the past 3 years if not longer and results speak for themselves!! Look at my prep or this little TRT with such a great result!!! Thatís awesome. Iím really happy for u bud. I bet ya ur MD wouldnít put u on TRT with 360
    Number as itís low normal. I was 50 and the. 309 and he kicked me out of the office. God I felt like shit. I know that u feel like a new man now. Good for you. All the other numbers look great too. You are good to go.

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    Those are good numbers. That Peak gear is well dosed. Bet you're feeling great.

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