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Thread: Peak/EUP/Axiom - Domestic Source/cbbram/IWGF

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    Peak/EUP/Axiom - Domestic Source/cbbram/IWGF

    Anyone that has dealt with me before knows I'll do what I can to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

    For everyone who doesn't know IWGF is a domestic one stop shop.








    No shipping costs

    No WU, MG fees

    No customs issues

    Shipped domestically

    PM for a price list and ordering info...
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    We have Serostim HGH.... Best of the best

    PM for more for a price list and ordering info.
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    Sharing some goodies (Peak)
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    Pics as promised. Nice tabs!

    Peak Cialis, Viagra/Cialis blend.
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    Gotta love those new pressed tabs. We now have 2 versions of most compounds in pressed tabs and a version of each in capsules. HGH. PCT and other ancillaries. Oils. Insulin. Blends. The list goes on. We have a huge domestic list. No customs. Everything in one place. Reach out for a list.

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    The Supermanís are bomb!!!!!
    Thanks guys! My wife thanks you too

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    Here's a lab test report for Peak's Aromasin (Exemestane).

    Purity 98%

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    Lab test for Peak T4.

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    Peak Generic HGH

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    Peak Test Prop 150

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