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Thread: P.S.L.?s current services available (Please Read)

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    P.S.L. current services available (Please Read)

    Here at P.S.L. We truly understand that people have many questions & concerns with lingering anxieties , we all need to take into great consideration with understanding that there is some delays depending on which one of the services that is being used, some people can expect longer than normal delays with international due to the unpredictability with the postal-services and their polices that may be subjected to change at any given moment without notice.

    We highly encourage all customers to use "LOCAL" services for OIL's for the time being to avoid any unnecessary wait time that may be longer than our normal regular operating procedures.

    Pharmaceutical products, Raws and SUPER HOT DEALS/ORAL BULK AND SARMS with International is available. What you see in these hyper links is what is available International.

    Local shipping products: Local


    RAWS: Inter

    Pharmacy Brands: Inter
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