All Euro-Pharmacies oils are all synthetic and made with the finest pharma grade vehicle oils on the market,
some of these same carries are used world wide in clinics all around the world to avoid lymphatic acute reactions,
absolute NO food derivatives in order to avoid site irritation or localize swelling for utmost comfort!

Sensitive info

With Euro-Pharmacies Oil based compounds - Absolutely NO EO-OIL is used or other food derivatives for carrier delivery method of all parenting hormones due to allergic reactions with some carries.
EP's oil base products are smooth with less site irritation like most other carriers, while providing a more stable and longer shelf life of the suspended drugs.


Carrier Oils used in EP Injectable Products Line manufacturing processes are completely Pharmaceutical Grade.
100% Synthetic , Hypoallergenic and Completely Clear/Transparent in terms of Color properties.
(No tint- No impurity and Completely Infection/Contamination Proof)

Hormone Raw Materials batches applied in production processes Can Naturally differ in Color Tint Properties
Therefore it's sometimes possible that some particular EP Line Product Batches can differ in terms of color tint rate.(Due to 100% Clear - Transparent Carrier Oil Appearance Property)

Solely Pharmaceutical Grade Hormone Raw Materials used in EP Injectable Products Line manufacturing processes.
(Provided only by Official and Certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturers)

Solely Pharmaceutical Grade Hormone Raw Materials used in EP Oral Products Line manufacturing processes.
A. Professional and HIGHEST QUALITY Fillers applied to EP Oral Products Line. (ie. starch , PVP etc.)
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EP Line Crystal Clear|Pro. Carrier Oils Clarification
Original EP Line always used only Professional/Legit Pharma Grade Carrier Oils "Inside".
EP Line PG carrier Oils were SOLELY Created and Produced for "PG"
Of course products like Deca and all Trens are an exception clearly - due to their "essence" used ...
EP Line uses only Pharma Grade carrier oils (synthetic/hypoallergenic/smooth/most efficiently dissolved-merged with the "essence" - professional oil used only in Original Pharm. Grade Products)

No UGL on the market uses such Pro./Expensive Oils to our knowledge.Those carrier oils are available only to Legit/Registered Pharma Grade Manufacturers ... and to Us.
(We sincerely apologize if we EVENTUALLY missed anything on any UGL on the market about that matter)

EP Line carrier oils proved with 100% certainty:
1. Second to None - Highly smooth and Painless injection experience.
2. Body/System 100% Smooth & Effective applicability and response.
3. 100% Pharma Grade Feature of: dissolving/applying with the "essence" in the system/body right from the start.

EP Line "Essence" Origin and Quality matches those PG Carrier Oils Fully naturally.

What is Miglyol 812?

Miglyol 812 is also a clear neutral oil. Miglyol 812 is a liquid form of an MCT oil. An MCT oil is a medium-chain triglyceride. A medium-chain triglyceride is a man-made fat that that is partially manmade. It is identified by the way the carbon atoms are rearranged in the structure. Many people use MCTs, which are typically derived from coconut and palms oils and dairy fats, for improved diet and weight management.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, MCTs decrease metabolic syndrome, reduce abdominal obesity, and boost weight loss. Like miglyol 840, miglyol 812 is desired in toxicology and pharmaceuticals because it improves the solubility and absorption of injectables and oral compounds. Miglyol is soluble at 20 degrees Celsius. Additional properties of miglyol 812 are spreadability, penetration-promoting application, and high stability compared to natural oils. When used as a lotion, cream, or any other spreadable application, miglyol 812 is permeable and non-greasy; therefore, it does not obstruct the skinís natural respiration.

Whether we use miglyol 812 or miglyol 840, our process filter the oil before use. While natural oils may seem like a better solution for your needs, it is important to consider miglyol compounds because they are manufactured in a way that ensures stability and purity. They can also be more cost effective.

PSL Team Supervisor,