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Thread: Nothing but praise for Pharma Lady

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    Nothing but praise for Pharma Lady

    Im not one to really post much but i must give credit when it is due. I placed a small order to try out Pharmalady and everything went smooth as butter. I've been using the Platinum Prop and Dbol for 3 days and i can tell you brothers this brand hits hard, one of the best brands i've used in a while actually. So if you're having thoughts about who to go with, you cant go wrong with Pharmalady.

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    Thanks for sharing bro. I'm a big fan of Platinum Biotech Test Prop myself. Haven't tried the Dbol yet but I've heard good things about it.

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    You can't go wrong with with Pharmalady and Platinum Biotech is a great brand at a great price.

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    Yeah that Test Prop is the shit. I was paying high monthly costs for insurance just to see my doc for trt. Fuck that, pharmalady is my new primary care

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    Thanks for the review, doing my homework.

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    Placed another order with Pharma Lady yesterday. All Platinum Biotech stuff. Super excited to try it!

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    The platinum biotech dbol is legit also ! Nothing but good products from PL

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    Love Platinum Biotech! for the price you can't beat it!

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