Ok guys so we are getting to the end of this shitty awful and messed up year!!! Let?s hope that next year will be much better then this one. Actually anything different will be better then what we?ve had to deal with so far. So guys give me some of your goals for this upcoming year that will involve you and 1Stop Domestic Shop and how you are going to go about and with what?? Just being nosy here.
My first item in the agenda will be hopping on small cycle that will involve test and NPP along with adjusting my diet. Most likely I?ll something to the effect of cycling diet ie. two day low one day high or so. That?s something I?ll discuss with my coach. In my head I would love to do one more show this year and that might be it. See earlier this year I was told that my shoulders are shot and they need to be replaced !!! So since March I have been adapting to different kind of training that is totally new to me and I have to be happy with whatever I get to do in the gym. I might not be shoulder pressing 315 over head anymore but i can still train shoulders just differently. Another obstacle in my way. Learning how to go around it. I would love to hit the stage at least one more time and exit on my own term. But either way I will most definitely stick with what?s proven to work for me which are products from 1 Stop Domestic Shop of course !!!! What else??? The best gear there is to get !!! Nothing else compares to it!! For you who have ordered in the past you know what service you guys get !!! Nothing but the best!!!
Let?s hear about your goals for next year !! What do you have for me ??