Hey guys,

So I planned on purchasing a triple stack from SARMSx consisting of GW, S4 and Osta. However, I can only afford to buy a 3 month supply for TWO products from SARMSX. I have already purchased the GW, and now need to decide whether to buy the S4 or Osta from SARMSx. I will then buy the remaining sarm from a slightly more affordable site to complete the stack. So I have two questions I would like to ask:

1. Between S4 and Osta, which one is harder to find in good quality? For instance, if it is harder to find good quality S4, then I will buy the S4 from the more reliable SARMSX, and leave the Osta for the more affordable site.

2. I need to decide on the source for the third sarm. It needs to be slightly more affordable than SARMSX, but still have decent enough quality. So far I have found the following options:
- irc.bio
- receptorchem
- maximpeptide
- researchsarms

Are any of these sites reliable? and if not, can anyone think of a different site thats more affordable than SARMSX while still having fairly respectable quality?