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Thread: My update on DP cycle

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    My update on DP cycle

    So an update, getting close to 2 months on my DP Test E 400 ( was running 600mg wk then 800mg last few wks ) NPP 150 ( running 450mg wk then bout 575mg last few wks ) and Dbol ( started at 40mg wk then 50 last few wks ) cycle and unfortunately Iíve gotten very little gains and have had some pretty severe PIP at least 4-5 times now! Iím pretty upset and bummed out as not only did I spend what I consider a lot of money, Iíve been training hard, eating right etc and I think I couldíve gotten these same results without any gear at all. I was very excited to get started and even more so to see the gains I thought I would get and I wonder if I got some underdosed gear or something. Why else would I not see any gains in almost 2 months? I should see something by now correct? Anyone have issues using DP gear? I heard pretty much nothing but good about them so thatís why I went with them, I donít even have the funds now as Iím building my 1st home and on top of that, paying for a lawyer fighting for custody of my kids now! 😡🤯. Sry for the long post or if it seems like Iím getting shitty, but as u can see, Iíve had a lot going on.
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    You are using test e 400mg/ml?

    Anytime you use a high concentration like that there WILL ALWAYS be PIP.

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    You should definitely get mid cycle blood work. High concentrated gear will have some PIP.

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    I personally run dp test e 400 with dp deca 500 at roughly 500mg/week each. It definitely has PIP, as all high concentration gear does, but I can mitigate (although not totally eliminate) it by heating the oil before injection, and then using a heating pad on the injected muscle group or taking a hot shower right after. Working out the injected muscle soon after helps a lot too. All of these things help distribute the injection more widely through the muscle group before the oil dissipates, and the hormones deposit/crystalize. As far as results, I truthfully have zero issues with their gear. My recovery time is super human, my top sets get heavier every week, my joints feel great, etc. It would definitely be advisable to get bloods to see if something is not as it should be.

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    Sup bro we were on the pharmacom thread together. I used alpha pharma testobolin, severe pip. Barely any results too man. Bummed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamebond47 View Post
    Sup bro we were on the pharmacom thread together. I used alpha pharma testobolin, severe pip. Barely any results too man. Bummed out.
    We do send the products we sell for independent lab testing, and in our experience Alpha Pharma'd Testobolin product actually comes in slightly over the label claim of 250mg of testosterone enanthate per mL with 269mg/mL. We take every step possible to make sure the products we sell to you are exactly what you ordered, and if you wish, you can send your Testobolin to an independent lab of your choice for testing, post the results publicly, and we will compensate you for the cost of the testing and product (up to $700).
    Most any injectable hormone will have PIP, due to the nature of the oil dissipating and leaving behind a deposit of hormones in the muscle. The type of carrier and amount of benzyl alcohol used by different manufacturers can also contribute to increased PIP, and individual physiology can also make more PIP for some than others. This can oft times be somewhat mitigate (although not eliminated) by warming the oil before drawing, afterwards using a heating pad on the injection site or taking a hot shower, and also working the injected muscle group after your injection. These techniques help to spread the hormone throughout the injected muscle group further before the oil dissipates, and in turn leads to less accute PIP.

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