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Thread: Is my tren bunk?

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    Is my tren bunk?

    So this is my third cycle, and i've used tren before. The supplier I purchased from isn't in business anymore, but his tren had a nice burn/sting when i would inject. I ordered tren not long ago from 'IA Super Pharma', and i noticed it doesnt burn when i inject, nor does it taste spicy or peppery. The color is a golden yellow, but i know color doesn't mean much in terms being bunk or not. Also with this order I received a free 10ml vial of "war", (100mg test susp. and 100mg tren susp.). This vial was a dark rusty orange/brown, and it burns like hell when i inject.

    My main question here is does the burning sensation determine if tren is bunk or not? Can it still be legit without the spicy taste or burning sensation?

    As far as other side effects, i do have a shorter fuse on tren and a little bit of a harder time sleeping, and i am feeling these things. I wonder if those could be just from other compounds though? currently am also on 60mg of winny per day and 500mg of test cyp per week

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    It can still be legit, depends a lot on how well it's brewed and also the concentration, and yes any type of suspensions will usually burn quite a bit compared to a longer ester

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    Tren is cheap as fuck to brew. Its not faked or bunk very often compared to other compounds. The sting and taste thing is mostly related to carrier issues. You need to judge legitimacy and potency on results. Not by how it feels to inject or how it tastes. Every source is different and brewed different

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    How many days are you into your cycle? If you're 2 weeks in you should know. Kinda hard not to. If you just started then you need to wait and find out.

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    Is my tren bunk?

    Burning sensation or not does not determine whether any compound is legit or not, especially tren.

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