Ok I’m trying to post this for the second time hopefully it will work this time around.
Sitting at 260 in the morning. Had my bloods done 5 weeks post show and I’m practically fully recovered. Liver enzymes lightly elevated which was to be expected everything else is in perfect order. Very surprised how quickly I was able to recover from such a long prep.
January 1st I’m starting new cycle. Planning on documenting it like I did last time with weekly updates. Also planning on running gear exclusively from my man IWGF. Hoping for 250 stage weight next time I’m going to step on it hopefully next year come June or July. For the past 10 weeks I have been running just trt level of test prop at 75mg EOD. I feel great drive is up motivations is coming around strength is there did not loose much of anything. As a matter of fact I backed off to about 60% of my lifts to give body a break so in an essence I deloaded for a while. Now I’m ready to step things up again since everything inside looks back to normal. Very excited for what this next step will bring.

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