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Thread: My apologies

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    My apologies

    Just wanted to apologize about my lack of support this last 2 weeks! Work has been absolutely brutal.. Someone was suspended temporarily. That reaked total chaos on my schedule. Was walking around like the living dead most of the last 2 weeks. Then we had some major mechanical issues go down.. Which led to more last minute changes in my schedule. I thought everything was taken care of and i was back to my normal routine last sunday. Then shit hit the fan monday and again wednesday.. The VP of the company actually come to the plant. I met with him and the new packaging mgr for about 30 minutes in to what was happening and why the refinery was shut down( shouldnt have been down). Will have another meeting in the near future hopefully this will pan out into something more fruitful and a higher position more geared toward my knowledge and expertise. Again i apologize for the lack of support to the community and my team members.

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    It's okay man! Take care of yourself. Cheers.

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