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Thread: MGP is Open

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    MGP is Open

    MGP Price and Product List

    Effective 7/16/2017

    Domestic USA only

    Minimum...$200 (does not include shipping. Please don't ask to order below the minimum.

    Shipping...$10 ( Orders normally ship within 48-72 hours. Fridays/weekend orders ship normally on Mon )

    Payment...Bitcoin, and sometimes other methods.

    DO NOT ask for payment info/instructions until you are SURE that you will order. If you ask for payment info and do not follow through to order, your future orders and inquiries will not be accepted.

    Orders not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled.

    Your source for affordable quality gear.

    *All injectables have zero to minimal pip.

    *All vials sterilized twice using dry heat.

    *All vial products produced in batch form.

    *All products accurately dosed.

    *The process of switching to MCT oil has begun.

    *All products closely inspected by magnification before shipping.

    *All packs checked for accurate content before shipping.

    20ml VIALS.....( 10ml vials are available by request. )

    -Test E 250 20ml--- $65 (MCT oil)

    -Test C 250 20ml--- $65 (MCT oil)

    -Test Decanoate 250 20ml--- $65 (MCT oil)

    -Test Acetate 100 20ml--- $60 (MCT oil)

    -Sustanon 250 20ml---$70 (MCT oil)

    -Deca 200 20ml---$70 (MCT oil)OUT OF STOCK

    -NPP 150 20ml--- $75 (MCT oil)

    -Mast p 100 20ml--- $70 (MCT oil)

    -Mast e 200 20ml---$85 (MCT oil)OUT OF STOCK

    -EQ 300 20ml--- $70 (MCT oil)

    -Tren a 100 20ml--- $70 (MCT oil)OUT OF STOCK

    -Tren e 200 20ml--- $85 (MCT oil) dark red....only 6 left.

    MGP Orals

    Aromasin 15mg----$1.10 per cap.
    Winstrol 30mg----$0.90 per cap.
    Proviron 30mg----$0.90 per cap.
    Anavar 30mg----$1.00 per cap
    Tbol 25mg----$0.90 per cap
    Adrol 25mg----$0.70 per cap
    Dbol 25mg----$0.70 per cap

    Pfizer caber 1mg tabs

    5 tabs---$50 OUT OF STOCK

    10 tabs---$90 OUT OF STOCK

    ***Genuine Federal Pharma Products***

    Pramipexole 2mg/ml----$65 50ml bottle

    Adrol 50mg---$55 50 capsule ct.

    ........Coming Soon.........

    Restart PCT....each cap contains 25mg clomid + 20mg nolvadex

    Cialis 20mg caps
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    I'll be in and out of here, work, work. lol

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    For the post, just to clarify that is 25 clomid 25 nolva for 50 total?

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    Nice bro, good to see your back. I'll hit you up soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT117 View Post
    For the post, just to clarify that is 25 clomid 25 nolva for 50 total?
    Each cap has 20mg of nolva and 25mg of clomid for a total of 45mg per cap......50 caps.

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    I'll be getting to emails later on tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thin D View Post
    Each cap has 20mg of nolva and 25mg of clomid for a total of 45mg per cap......50 caps.
    Sorry. That's pretty clear in the original post. Long day...

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    He'll yea mgp back up few weeks felt like eternity great to c ya back up n at en

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    MGP is Open

    Do you plan on carrying more Federal Orals in the future other than what was listed?
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    Prami is 50ml BTW bro

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