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Thread: Largest Selection of Pharma HGH at

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    Largest Selection of Pharma HGH at

    Brought to you by:
    Choose Your NEW Pharma: HGH

    PuritySourceLabs has done it again!!
    Now offering the widest selection of hgh products anywhere.
    We carry it all!
    Eurotropin HGH - 191aa etc
    Genotropin PEN 12mg (36iu ) - Pfizer
    GENOTROPIN -Somatropin* 16 IU (5,3MG) GOQUICK
    HUMATROPE -Somatropin* 18 IU (6MG)
    HUMATROPE -Somatropin* 36 IU (12MG)
    HUMATROPE -Somatropin* 72 IU (24MG)
    NORDITROPIN -Somatropinum 30 IU (10MG)
    NORDITROPIN -Somatropinum 45 IU (15MG)
    OMNITROPE 10 mg (30 IU)/1.5 ml enj
    SAIZEN Somatropin CLICKEASY 24 IU ( 8MG)

    We at PSL
    Pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices possible.
    Whether your goal is Health and wellness, General well Being, Improved concentration, Laser like Focus, Recovery,
    Fatloss, Muscle Growth, Sexual health, or anti-aging.
    PSL Has Everything You Need To Exceed Your Goals!

    Thank you
    Team psl

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    So So Many Choices.
    I'm thinking where do I start??
    I was looking, comparing and I decided, I'm gonna start here...

    Alright so I haven't completely decided yet, but at least I've narrowed it down.
    Thank You !!

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    Of Course If Prefer to just "CLICK"

    Take your pick...only from your friends at:

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    And don't forget about these badboys!!! Consistently stellar over the years!!! My personal favorite!
    Eurotropin!!!! Always rank at the top !

    Eurotropin HGH - 191aa etcCondition: New product

    Supplier: Euro-pharmacies,Europe
    Chemical Name:Somatropinum
    Comes In: 10IU vial(3.3mg)


    Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily
    Active time: Varies by injection method
    Class:Growth Hormone
    Shipping from Europe

    Also remember we offer store credit for blood work.
    If any customers purchases EUROTROPIN GH (with sales proof/order number), and they decide to get blood work and post it here, our team at PSL will personally reimburse you for your troubles with the lab cost (within reason) by providing you with the same/or equal value in store credit.. (Same applies for all other products, Testosterone, PCT, AI's) We will give you store credit for posting your blood results using PSL products.)

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