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Thread: IWGF source

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    IWGF source

    Hey gang
    Decided to move the progression of the prep under new title as we have started using different compounds but all from the same source IWGF.
    Currently sitting 5 weeks out I. Those pix leaning out nicely. Making very good and steady progress. At this point just T3 clen var and nolvadex. They are all at the minimum doses. Trying not to come too hard and ripped as that was a problem before. Posing is the biggest pet right now. Hired top 5 in the world in figure division already had a session with her and it made tremendous difference. I never knew how important posing was and how much difference it makes when done correctly. And I'm the guy with very decent posing. But what she was able to do in 60 min and how much her physique has changed since then is amazing. Hopefully I'll be able to find a better place with better lighting to show the physique better. As of today she sits at 124 which was her stage weight last time. She will def come in much harder and more defined.

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    And that's just little old me off season sitting at 284 eating 6 meals a day running test prop test cyp mast p and tren ace. Amazed with the progress I made with very little product staying healthy and pretty much having no sides what so ever. In about 4-5 weeks we'll go in to another growing phase. All made possible with great source of IWGF being able to get all the right stuff. All legit and potent. When I put the order in I never worry if this stuff is legit. I know it is and proof is in the syringe lol!!! Good stuff people good stuff!!

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    Hell yeah! You guys are killing it! Congrats keep it up

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    You guys look great BigLexi. You're girl has made some great improvements. Thanks for showing the team love my man.

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    Looking great!

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    Solid. Both of you are killing it.

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    Congrats. Super impressive for both of you.

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    You guys are kill n it. You guys are making awesome progress. Never give up, never back down.

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    Well guys thank u for all the nice comments. Very much appreciated!!!
    Just picked up my shipment from my man!!! Shipping was lighting fast!!! Nice and simple!!! Bottles filled to the rim!! I'm sure you perverts will enjoy this little porn!!!
    IWGF I want to thank your for all you do!!

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    IWGF source

    Looking good bro. Only constructive criticism I could possibly make is adding a little more mass to the upper quads and lower pecs. You've got a really good frame and overall look, but the minor details stand out because you are 280 plus.

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