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Thread: IWGF source

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    Y'all are simply amazing... Many, many kudos to you & the missus on the constant grind and discipline! And a special kudos to IWGF for his partnership & incredible products

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    Hey boys!!! The only pix I can provide u since I could not be there so that's the best I can do for you. Well all in all she took 6th which is awesome. Great experience for her however still to small. She learned tons and unfortunately her body is not made for figure. Guess what she got really "pissed off" and decided to change her division to physique as she has been hearing the same thing for the past 3 years that her body is build for that division. So watch out for bigger and better things coming from her!!! Now she is really ready to do what she has to to get there. Let's see what she has to offer. I'm really excited to see her grow !!! You know who we have in our corner so she is in good hands there.

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    As for me I'm getting softer here for another 4 weeks before we pick it up again. Still training as hard as I can however weight is coming down a bit. Got my marching orders today how to adjust the diet and how much to drop the carbs to lower the body fat so that's we are going to do for now. Have to keep body healthy and safe. That's the major point here. I should definitely respond well again when we step it up so hopefully this time next year we'll be stepping up on stager together and hopefully getting the job done!!! Hey you never know !!!

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    Good job guys! major improvements. Kudos

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    Thank u bud!!! To be 6th in the nation is pretty dam good!!!! I would take it !!!

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    You Damn right! it's a major accomplishment, u should be proud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmb5017 View Post
    You Damn right! it's a major accomplishment, u should be proud!
    Yeah bud. U have to look at it that way. National show people are literally from all over. She was girls from Hawaii, Wa state, NY, NJ, SC, FL u name it. Came in 6th. Dude!!! First time out!!! Just watch because she caught the bug!!! I know her and nobody trains like her. Now being open to everything.... just watch out!!! Dam I'm so proud of her !!!! Made a mistake again this time and came in too hard and conditioned which is fine with me. U need that to learn ur body. Hence switching divisions because it's not a problem for her to come shredded. Now on to getting bigger all over.

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    Hey guys how are we doing with IWGF source. Are we going to see some transformation pix !!! Come on I know u are lifting some heavy weighs out there and I know u follow ur diets. Can we see some skin ????

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