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Thread: IWGF delivers!!!

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    Guys. I’ve been with IWGF for three years now and not once have I ever had any issues. Amazing service. Lighting fast delivery. Dude stays on top of the game. At this time he is out of the country and guess what he is still taking care of me as u know I’m just about compete. Needed more stuff and he took care of it. Mrs Lexi competed last year before she got injured and guess who’s gear she was using. ????? Go ahead and find a real primo and give it to ur woman !!! Good luck with that. I had no hesitation giving her primo knowing that that’s what it was and she had amazing results. After all took 6th at the national stage. Finally hoping for a comeback But anyway here are handful of good sources here and IWGF is definitely one of them

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    IWGF is good people!

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