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Thread: Insomnia on training days!

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    Insomnia on training days!

    Hello,so ive been runnin 250 mg deca with 375 mg test e for the last 5 weeks.I Initially had Dbol 40 mg but as i started getting sleeping issues i stopped with the Dbol thinking its the excess water retention causing high BP.
    It's been 2-3 weeks now and i simply cannot sleep on the days i train,i weight train 4 times a week and steady state cardio everyday,i train around 2 p.m eating 2500-2800 calories,iam 175 lbs around 14% BFL
    Im taking .25 mg prami EOD and Anastrizole .5 mg E3D
    Ive tried melatonin,ashwagandha,zma for sleeping so far nothing has worked i have to take diphenhydramine on training nights to sleep otherwise i just stay up all night.
    Hoping someone could resolve it,i have planned to not inject deca anymore.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Are you taking any kind of pre-workout?

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    Ive tried only having a cup of black coffee but its still the same,i have stopped pre-workout from the past 4-5 days

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    I struggle with the same thing. I had to resort to sleep aids from the doc

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    Try meditating dstrong.

    If you want better sleep go to bed before 10pm and stop using electronics at 8pm. Earlier if you can. Sleep at a cool temp at night... 65-68 degrees.

    OP, try working out earlier in the day and see if that changes your situation.

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    I have tried every single thing,even if i workout at 6 a.m i still can't sleep that night,ive tried meditation,a warm shower,glass of warm milk none of this is actually working

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    We can't take sleeping aid forever brother,i really hope Dylan takes a look at this and helps us

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    You’re not alone brotha. Mental and physical relaxation are crucial as is limiting light exposure in the PM. Benadryl is my go-to and has been for years. It does leave you groggy the next AM, which sucks. Docs are usually hesitant to prescribe benzos or others like ambien so they will always recommend you stick with diphenhydramine unless it absolutely does not work at all for you anymore.

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    Impossible to find hypnotics without a prescription as well,now im leaning towards more herbal cure im doubting temperature as well,as where i live even in winters its not very cold and back in summer when i used to turn on the a/c i would always sleep like a baby

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Maybe it's not the gear that's causing the problem

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