Good day,

I am 32 y.o., training for 5-6 years, as natural, around 14% BF, and I am strongly evaluating to go through a TRT,
reasons are I always feel somehow depress for no reason, easy to irritate and somehow anxious, also sometimes during the day I feel fatigue I cannot even focus at work, a kind of brain fog or loss of clarity, a kind of “drunk feeling” mixed with feeling light and fatigued I might even get fired sometimes because of that, and I am worried for the financial and quality of life in general.
My private life also is at risk as my wife think I am not attracted to her or I don’t love her because of my low libido and being tired/lethargic most of the time.
10 years ago I wasn’t like this and I felt way more condifent.

I sleep around 7h/night, eat well 80%-90% of the times hitting my macros with pro/car/fat and being also on surplus on calories often, no alcohol, no smoke.

I have done blood and complete hormonal tests and results are ok and testosterone results are always between 390 to 500.

The only reason that stopped me to proceed on TRT until now and holding me back is that I have been worried for hair loss sides from it, my dad and my brother lost them with age, I probably got my hair genes more from my mom side, my brother lost them almost everything already by age 25, and me at 32 I still have them, but they are very thin and if I cut them short, just to give you the idea, you can somehow see my scalp easily. I got 2% ketoconazole shampoo and also have finasteride 1mg capsule to take 1/day but still didn’t use it as I am afraid of the sides (even worst libido, mood and much more sides), plus they don’t even can guaranteed that my hairs will last.

I would love to start with TRT and bring Testosterone up from 390-500 that I have now to 900-1200 to stay in the higher physiological range without the sides of estrogen and so on,
how can I achieve that and stay there 365days/year? Sides, risks?
Do I have to PCT or just weekly inject forever? 1 time or 2 times per week?
Suggested dosage to start with?
Are my balls going to "disappear/shrink" and how can I prevent that?
Any other advice?

Note that doctors here won’t put you on TRT even if you have symptoms like me if you are in the lower end range of it, for them you are still okay.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Looking forward for your reply and suggestions