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Thread: HCG and Prami in stock Friday!! Special Sale

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    HCG and Prami in stock Friday!! Special Sale

    HCG and Prami will be IN STOCK on Friday!

    HCG is 5000 ius per vial and is normally priced at $74.99 but we will be having a NEW PRODUCT sale on it for $54.99 per vial

    Liquid Prami is 2 MG/ML in a 30 ML bottle normally priced at $69.99 and will be on sale for $49.99 per bottle

    These are limited sales so make sure to take advantage!

    We will have our peptide section added in the next coming weeks as well! These are very exciting times so DO NOT miss out!

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    The labels came back just a bit small and we will resize them but we want to get them out for everyone for Friday!

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    amazing!! i know so many people are going to be all over this!!

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    Great additions to the line up

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