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Thread: Get your quality GAINS with 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

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    Pinnacle Proviron 25mg (100 ct)

    This is a must for anyone running a deca cycle to help with DHT and to alleviate the symptoms of deca dick. I am running this right now at 50mg per day along with pinnacle test C, deca, and primo

    Send me a PM for our price list of 1 stop domestic shop products from our 2 domestic sources Axiom and pinnacle

    You can also reach me on wickrme mobile app (RickRock13)

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    Quality is a big deal. Everybody wants a good source that has a reputation for high quality, and great service that goes above and beyond exceeding expectations.

    1 stop Domestic shop is exactly that. It doesn't get any better than the service and products they offer.

    Interested in a price list from our two domestic sources, Pinnacle and Axiom?

    Send me a PM or message me on wickrme (username RickRock13) and ill be happy to help you out and get you all set up to take your goals to the next level!!

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    Anybody else needing a price list send me a PM here or directly on wickrme (RickRock13)

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    Pinnacle EQ 400mg in 20ml bottle

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    At about 10 weeks in on my cycle with pinnacle Test, Primo, deca, proviron and everything is going extremely well. Better than expected. Ive managed to keep the same bodyfat and add lean mass and strength.

    This gear is top notch and my results have shown that.

    Send me a PM her or on wickrme (RickRock13) and ill get you a price list and help set up your next cycle!

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    Anybody looking for the newest price list from 1 stop domestic shop, hit me up here in PM or on wickrme RickRock13

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    Pinnacle Cialis and Viagra combo. For ultimate bedroom performance look no further. Awesome pumps in the bedroom and the gym!

    Send me a PM for our newest price list. You can also message me on wickr (RickRock13)

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    The newest updated price list is available

    Send me a PM to get it. You can also message me on Wickr - username RickRock13

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    Spring is just around the corner. Great time to stock up for those spring and summer cycles.

    Send me a PM for the newest updated list at 1 stop domestic shop

    You can also reach me directly on wickr - RickRock13

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    $600 and over orders get 20ml vial of Test of your choice and a 10 pack of either Pharma Cialis or Pharma Viagra.

    Also sale of $30 per vial of 10ml Test Undecanoate

    Send me a PM for our newest price list. You can also message me on wickr - RickRock13

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