Exp: 3yrs training, 1 yr ago - 8wk cycle of test C followed by Nolva PCT 50/25/25/25 (Excellent gains, broke out horrible on face during PCT)

Goals: Gain lean mass, cut body fat

New to SARMs, been researching them and have gained interested in running a cycle. Decided to create an account and get advice for my own stats.

My plan is:
1-12 LGD-4033 10mg
9-12 Clomid 50/25/25/25 as well at taking GW 20mg per day for 4 weeks.

Questions: Does this sound like a good first cycle? As a teen I was acne prone on my face, chances of breaking out? After my last day on PCT when can I start another cycle? Should I run the same cycle?