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Thread: Favorite Robolics product

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    Favorite Robolics product

    for me it has to be Primo. It is affordable, the PIP is minimal and the quality is top notch.

    his Test Cyp is also always on point, blood work has it dosed perfectly.

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    Mine would have to be the Tri-Tren. Robolics Tren is potent. I use the CYP for my cruises. It keeps my TT at exactly what my prescription Test CYP does.

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    Using RoboTest E for my cruises and am equally satisfied. Upped the dose to 500 mg/week and added 900 mg of his EQ for my previous blast. Felt great throughout and no PIP. Great results. Really impressed with the combo.

    Looking forward to TA/Test E foundation for my next blast.

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    Good to know his primo is legit. So many ppl passing eq or low dosed primo/eq blends nowadays...

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    First time I used his gear this year ran his test cyp and deca was pretty decent I thought

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    Hows the proviron and var?

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    Favorite Robolics product

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredb View Post
    Hows the proviron and var?
    Robo doesn’t offer proviron. Reports are good on the var. I have some that I’m waiting to run for the first time. A couple close local guys love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredb View Post
    Hows the proviron and var?
    Me and my wife have both used the VAR, it's good. Robolics is the only source I'd trust to get Anavar for my wife. Just my opinion though

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    robo's orals are actually very very solid, i was surprised when i used them. highly recommended

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    I’ve used his test, tren, Mast, primo, NPP, and anadrol. All top notch. Can’t handle the sides of the drol. Can’t run his tren over 200 mg/wk or my stomach and libido get fucked up. Everything is super smooth and legit as fuck

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