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    What's up guys just wanted to give another shout out to Iwannagofaster for the great service and quality products. I've been very hesitant to invest in Primo because of the high price and likelyhood its fake but with the success I have had with EU I gave it a shot. I test everything I get and it was right on point just like everything else I have gotten from him. I've been cruising on 130mg of EU cyp a week and got blood work a few weeks ago before starting this next cycle, test was right at 1000 with just 130. Great constant numbers as always. I have added in 50mg of Axio tbol and 200mg of EU primo and in two short weeks I'm already up 7 pounds and feel incredible. The pumps from the tbol have been just crazy. I cant wait to see to see the primo shine. Thanks again to Iwannagofaster for the great service and most importantly for QUALITY products.

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    Right on my man. Glad to hear your are happy. That primo is like no other. I put on crazy size and no water. Well worth the $.

    Your test numbers are really really good on 130mg/wk. Thats over 7x the dose. That's as good as it gets. The EU/AXIO is our high end brand. As you can see, there's a reason it cost a little more than other brands.

    Thanks Again. Happy New Year!

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    Isnít this shit great!!! My god as you might know ive been IWGF customer for the past 3 years and not one issue. Gear is as good as it gets. Great gains bro. Iím at the beginning of my offseason cycle as we speak with test cyp and prop and deca plus dbol and itís already kicking it. U have tbol well my dbol is off the charts. I have not been stronger as I am now. Very excited to see what this offseason bring. There is no need to nervous with IWGF. Always top notch. Just put new order for pharma GH it will be here soon. Iíll post some porn. Havenít tried primo but I hear is off the charts.... maybe weíll put it on board when Iím ready to step onstage again.
    Very happy for you bud. You found yourself a great source. Keep us posted

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    Iwannagofaster can you message me bro need some tbol thanks man.
    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imthatdude28 View Post
    Iwannagofaster can you message me bro need some tbol thanks man.
    [email protected]
    Check your PM

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    Can you guys also send a PM. Being diabetic these days I need to be a little more selective than I used to.

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    it's a shame there aren't more IWGF's in this world. everyone seems to be out to screw each other SMH

    we aim to please, let us earn your business. feel free to PM me or any of our reps for a list. thanks so much for the positive reviews

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    Anyone needing assistance with IWGF please feel free to contact me anytime.

    PM for more info...
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