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Thread: Esarms 4 week??

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    Esarms 4 week??

    Hey guys maybe Dylan or someone can help me out here. Never ran sarms only gear, came off a pretty long cycle about 2 months ago though so trying to take a break before more aas.

    Looking to bulk a little bit. Mostly wondering, is the 4 week cycle even worth it cause with gear you won't really accomplish much in a month even with shorter Esther's. I have seen a mini pct mentioned as well, is this necessary with a 4 week sarms run ? What about 8? I also read somewhere that sarms weren't very effective for bulking and should used for cutting or recomp, dont know how much truth is in that.

    Lastly maybe I'm retarded but can someone tell me how the hell to PM lmao I been trying to get the 20% discount code and cant even figure out how to send a message.

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    you need a minimum of 8 weeks but i always recommend 12 weeks... i'll pm you the discount code

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    No I wouldn't even bother with 4 weeks to be honest.

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