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Thread: Come back Titan

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    Come back Titan

    Wish Titan would give us a sign he is alive and will soon be back to normal. Sent payment 8-16 payment picked up 8-17 Titan hospitalized I think on the 18th, got faith he will return soon. He is a good dude and hope he is doing better at least, his rep is top notch and was jumping through hoops trying to get us info on Titans status. Get well soon Titan.

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    Yeah get well brother!

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    Everybody is pulling for him but he is gonna need a lot of recovery time. I'm sure he will post an update soon. He's one of the good ones around here

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    Titan is the man....definitely one of the best. I pray his recovery is going well!

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    Well wishes sent his way. Top notch dude and his reps are the same.

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    I'm worried about my buddy..hopefully I hear from him soon

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    Damn..I also sent out money 8/17 after that I haven't gotten a response...wonder how he's doing.

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    I wish I had his address he's relatively close to me and I'm freaking concerned because he is a great dude. I hope he's alright, just know that he hasn't and will not forget about those that ordered. Our primary concern should be his recovery first and foremost, I understand money spent is money spent, but remember that in this game sometimes the unexpected happens to the best of them. My well wishes are with my bro, my fellow Leatherneck and Devil Dog. Speedy recovery mother fucker... Semper Fi.

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    The guy had a fricken brain injury. I don't even know why money or orders are even being mentioned in the same sentence as a get well wish.

    Wish for a speedy recovery and we'll talk about business later.

    Wish you well brother!

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    I already got the things I needed from Pharmalady so when I get his gear I'll be fully loaded. I don't want him stressing because of this.

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