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Thread: cbbram Reviews! Domestic Source

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    cbbram Reviews! Domestic Source

    Please share your review on this thread.

    If you wish to contact me message me on Wickr messaging app for security and faster communication.

    Wickr - cbbram
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    Just giving another shoutout to cbbram for the best customer service and lightning fast shipping in the business. I cant say enough great things about cbbram 🤘

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    Very responsive and landed in under two weeks!!!

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    4th order cash in mail ,received in about 6 days despite covid 19. Previous orders have come in as soon as Wednesday after mailing cash the previous Saturday, that's 5 days. Always packaged well,always answers questions within minutes.

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    Cbbram is the go to guy for Quality gear.Three sources to choose from Pinnacle,Axiom,Biotech. Gear is smooth results are 🔥 fire!

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    I rarely post, but been part of the forum for awhile, Cbbram is legit a very professional source and quick with responses. The man cares about the product your definitely getting high quality gear.

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    Just giving a shoutout to A++ service from cbbram 1-Stop Domestic Shop! He was very quick to respond and very helpful! Ended up ordering Nolva and Clomid and it all came within 7 days even with the whole virus situation going on! Definitely will be ordering more stuff from him again! Highly recommend him to anyone!

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    After several orders with ccbram here's what I've learned. 1) The gear is quality and clean. My blood tests come back right where predicted. I've had the gear tested and have pictures of the positive results. I've never had PIP. 2) ccbram is a straight up good dude. If your doing something stupid, he'll let you know He won't over-sell you and will actually coach you on how to do it right. 3) He's quick to respond and gear arrives on time.

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    I just got my products, cbbram is one of the best, trustworthy 10/10

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    HUGE shoutout to my guy cbbram. Fastest turnaround time I?ve ever had. I can?t say enough. Very happy with the professionalism. Highly recommended!

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