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Thread: cbbram Reviews! Domestic Sources

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    Cbbram is the best, all reps around here are solid but I?m sticking with the guy who?s done me right time and time again.

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    CC is the best hands down...

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    Another touchdown from the GOAT CCBBRAM. I swear this guy is a fucking magician on how fast these products come. Going on almost 4yrs with CCBBRAM its has been nothing but full of gains and the best source around. Time to really turn it up

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    3 successful orders in 2 months. Great product, very helpful, and responsive. Blood work has come back great and I'm seeing awesome results. Thanks again!

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    Cbbram replies quickly and answers all my questions. Product has always been top notch. Method of payment is perfect as well for VIPs. Thanks!

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    Have been ordering from cbbram for the last year, and always had a good experience. Confident I am getting the product as advertised. Good service as well!

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    Great working with cbbram. Order placed and delivered in less than a week. Cheers!
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    Biotechs tren is crazy Ive made insane tren gains, pumps are crazy and putting on a lot of size. Def dosed properly. Shipping is quick and easy As always dealing with cbbram is a pleasure, like my 8th time ordering from him, currently awaiting a bulking stack from biotech 10/10 would recommend
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    Cbbram is without a doubt my go to source. It doesn?t get any easier than dealing with him. Every order I?ve placed with him has went off without a hitch. Solid products for solid prices. I?m not going anywhere else anytime soon

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    Another quality order recieved! This is the best source around. Always on time and no mistakes.

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