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Thread: cbbram Reviews! Domestic Source

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    My man CBbram came through again. The Prime of the underground. From order to the door in less than a week. Thanks for all you do for us Bro!

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    This is one of several orders with cbbram and he was on time as usual with super high quality products!! 1 item was left out and he had to me within a day, more than what i placed order for.. Always a class act

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    Cant even count how many times I've gone through cbbram, and everytime he comes through. I will continue to go through him exclusively.

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    Just got my stuff in this past week! Super easy ordering with cbbram, and shipping is fast! Cbbram is the man, always making sure all is well!
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    Used cbbram a ton. Always quick reliable and easy to order

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    This is a late bump...i'll put in pics in a bit. I just had a great order come in from Cbbram. I ordered Pinnacle test cyp, axiom test prop, and NPP. Also decided to try a serostim kit. Everything came in perfectly. Couldn't wait to start pinning so I did right away. Everything is really smooth and great. The serostim kit has the bac water in with it to mix with the hgh. Love it!! Derfinitely going to be ordering serostims for now on. No going back to the generics for me lol. Like I said I'm at work but i'll add pics in a bit. Just wanted to give a shout out to cbbram. He answered my questions very quickly and communicated very well! Good stuff Cbbram! Thank you man.


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    Placed an order through cbbram last week, the funds were received Saturday, and my order was received today. Talk about a fast turnaround time! I couldn't be happier. As always, cbbram knocked it out of the park. I can't say enough good things about him.

    Now to hit the gym!

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    Legit. Fast. Professional. GTG
    Thanks cbbram!

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    Always my go to Source . Top Notch Gear.

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    Ive placed a few orders with cbbram always easy and fast got some samson gear this last time sent my money friday pack landed monday insane! Always a pleasure.

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