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Thread: cbbram Reviews! Domestic Source

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    Another touchdown from the GOAT CCBBRAM. Even with the bad weather and holidays still recieved package lightning speed. I've been with CCBBRAM for over 6yrs, couldn't pay me to go anywhere else

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    It takes about a week and a half to receive it and it is legit! I?ve done several cycles through CBBRAM I?m looking forward to this cutting stack I bought thx 👍

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    Props to Cbbram available 24/7 for cycle advice and always responds quickly!
    Green snake 🐍,Axiom,Biotech all has top of line Gear🔥!
    Cant go wrong Highly recommended 💥

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    Cbbram Always delivers! Ever since he dealt with a random issue with a vendor, he?s been my guy. A lot of good dudes here, but he?s the best!

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    Another successful delivery from Cbbram. Theres a reason Cbbram is the go to source for many of us on here🤙

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    Another successful TD from cbbram. Easiest ordering process I've ever experienced. Great quality products.

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    I?ve been using CBBRAM, for over a year now . I don?t really engage in the forums much, I?m a quiet lurker, but I think is time for me give credit where credit is due . The best person to get your stuff is CBBRAM hands down . Always consistent, on point , explains any issues to both sides , fair and even in this underground world, he shows loyalty . The Best Source period

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    A shout-out to cbbram

    Been using cbbram for 2 years for basic trt doses of test c,GW,and Ai's. Dabbled in a little eq,and anavar. Ordered my first real cycle of dbol,deca,proviron.
    I was a little nervous about mailing cash,but every order has came fast,even during covid.
    So if anyone is new to this game, don't hesitate to reach out to this guy.

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    Shout out out to cbbram he has been very reliable and has been my go to rep on this forum for 3+ year's top notch service

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    I don?t post too often but I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to cbbram for incredibly fast shipment and amazing customer service. Any questions or concerns are handled immediately. Hands down the best source and I recommend 100%

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