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Thread: Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

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    Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

    Welcome to the thread. Whether you are subbing from day 1 or are settling in for for a read through a number of pages I’m hoping this thread gives me a chance to express appreciation for all the mentoring I received on my journey to my best physique ever, every year. It is only through sincere dedication, discipline, study, and sweat that you can max out your natural abilities, making in possible to turn to the responsible use of AAS to break through those limits and push the envelope of what is humanly possible.

    So let’s get the cycle design out of the way to get an idea of what will be happening over the next 16 weeks. This is similar to a cycle I logged last year with the main difference being the change from EQ to Primo. It’s been all Robolics all the time for my past 5 cycles and nothing else compares to their gear.

    1-16 Robo Test E 300mg a week, split in 2 pins
    1-16 Robo Primo 800mg a week, split in 2 pins
    1-16 Robo Mast E 700mg a week, split in 2 pins
    1-4 Robo Anadrol 50mg a day, split in 2 doses
    1-16 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
    1-16 5% Liver Support (I always wanted to use a Piana product, may he rest in peace).

    Expect Bloods in week 7 and a physique shot towards the end.

    That’s it to start. Yes, you can contact me for a Robo price list and contact information, but please, give me your basic stats – age, length of training, bf%, etc – to help ensure your health and longevity are taken into consideration.

    First pin in the morning. It’s a journey, not a destination.

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    So, for the people who are not familiar with me, some basic stats;

    Age – Young, but not as young as I used to be
    Height – 6’2”
    Weight – 226lbs
    Bf – 12%
    Training 25 years without a break
    Using Gear for 6 years, this is about my 8th cycle
    On TRT so no PCT

    First pin Yesterday morning and, as usual, no pip at all. Robo gear just keeps getting smoother and easy to use. 18 gage draw, 25 for pin with very little effort.

    Pre-cycle bloods, on 100mg Test E per week had me in the low 900’s. Everyone is different, but this has been a consistent number for me on 90-100mg Test E per week.

    The Anadrol has a distinct taste, to put it mildly, but nothing that a couple ounces of cranberry juice can’t wash down.

    More on training and diet, the most important variables that determine how effective a cycle is going to be, in next post.

    Feeling relaxed and confident……

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    Looks good bro, how you got your macros set up?

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    Looking forward to this log.

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    2 of the most asked questions on these sites are;

    How much size will I gain on cycle? And – How much of my gains will I keep?

    The enlightened response (I am the Buddha) is, it’s all down to you diet and training. I am one of the Bro’s who encourages younger guys to max out their natural potential before crossing over into gear. This gives them a chance to learn to challenge themselves, set goals and use pure discipline, blood, sweat, and tears to achieve them. The guys I see come into the gym and get right on gear never stay. They’ll be off chasing some other quick fix, looking for more instant gratification.

    I ate 2 ½ pounds of chicken, meat, or fish everyday for 10 years. I went from 172 lbs to 230. So now, diet is second nature.

    I’m on a cut so I stay in the realm of 500 grams of protein a day. I used to limit my starchy carb intake for a cut, but now I just stop eating them almost completely.

    If it was easy, everyone would do it.

    As always, loving this Robolics gear. I had never done Anadrol (or Dbol for that matter) and 4 days in I’m already feeling really full.

    More on my training next post. As I’ve stated (stated? Whatever….) feel free to contact me for Robolics price list and contacts.

    Joy in the struggle…..

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    8 Days in and feeling really full and actually showing a bit more definition with diet dialed in and training focused.

    A word on my training; I've been studying BPak videos for a couple years now and getting more and more focused on my form (which wasn't bad to begin with). Initiating the motion in the target muscle while giving the muscle a solid base to pull from is leading to ever better results with zero problems in joints. I plan on keeping a big compound lift in every workout till the end of February which will give the Anadrol an opportunity to shine. I hit a PR deadlift last November with 500lbs (on a 90mg a week Test E TRT dose) and plan to go for 545 within the next couple weeks. Pushing the envelope on squats, decline bench, and overhead presses as well.

    I learned early on not to get caught up in the "when will my gear kick in?" mindset. By challenging myself to advance progressive overload in form from the very start gear is just the icing on the cake (not that I'm eating cake, I mean, I am on a diet).

    To not advance is to retreat.....

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    current cycle gear porn.....

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    This is the Bro I’m competing with. He thinks he has the edge because he’s one year younger, but I’ve learned a lot about training since then. Bring it....

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    3rd pinning yesterday and the smoothness of Robo gear just keeps getting better. Primo 200, Mast E 200, and Test E 250 all drawn with a 25 gage and pinned with an 18 effortlessly, and zero pip.

    Obviously Robo continues to challenge their science/art of creating the best gear possible.

    It's great to enter a cycle and never even think about the quality of the gear so I can focus completely on my training and diet.

    Lets's do this.....

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    I love robo primo. I see you’ve got some 20ml vials of it. I didn’t know robo made a 20ml of Primo

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