Welcome to the thread. Whether you are subbing from day 1 or are settling in for for a read through a number of pages Iím hoping this thread gives me a chance to express appreciation for all the mentoring I received on my journey to my best physique ever, every year. It is only through sincere dedication, discipline, study, and sweat that you can max out your natural abilities, making in possible to turn to the responsible use of AAS to break through those limits and push the envelope of what is humanly possible.

So letís get the cycle design out of the way to get an idea of what will be happening over the next 16 weeks. This is similar to a cycle I logged last year with the main difference being the change from EQ to Primo. Itís been all Robolics all the time for my past 5 cycles and nothing else compares to their gear.

1-16 Robo Test E 300mg a week, split in 2 pins
1-16 Robo Primo 800mg a week, split in 2 pins
1-16 Robo Mast E 700mg a week, split in 2 pins
1-4 Robo Anadrol 50mg a day, split in 2 doses
1-16 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
1-16 5% Liver Support (I always wanted to use a Piana product, may he rest in peace).

Expect Bloods in week 7 and a physique shot towards the end.

Thatís it to start. Yes, you can contact me for a Robo price list and contact information, but please, give me your basic stats Ė age, length of training, bf%, etc Ė to help ensure your health and longevity are taken into consideration.

First pin in the morning. Itís a journey, not a destination.