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Thread: Reckoning day

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    Since someone can't distinguish between when I tell them something stupid to keep them from bothering sources I have done reviews and promotional videos for and "threaten to post my surespot" I'm gonna explain exactly what happened and can go thru my surespot and screenshot it all I'm sure. So when sources tell me that this individual used to ask for free gear I protect those I deal with by telling this person bullshit to keep him outta their ears. So when I did my first two videos for The Federal and NY this person asked if I got freebies for it. I told him I got paid $350 per video. Ask Titan, Fed, NY, MGP they'll confirm they didn't pay me shit. Lets do the math on that... $350 for videos unrealistic right? Exactly. Obviously if someone asks me to review a product they'll send it to me to check out... read my reviews, watch them, if they sent me something I say it either in the review (Titan's review), or video (MGP's). It's no secret. I guess someone failed to see/hear that. Now take into account that when I review something our brothers post up confirming what I said to be true... guess my reviews are factual then. Hmmmm... 44 has integrity and isn't just posting bullshit. I've always made it crystal clear Valhalla is my shit and that all my injectibles and orals of choice are Federals and NY's. I do reviews to help the bro's and help worthy sources willing to have their gear reviewed. Yeah, I'm such a piece of shit right?
    You can see what the fuck I look like in the videos, my own profile says I'm all about bulking... he also said I was fat is why I bring this up btw. So can we see what you look like??? You're so judgemental, lets see what all this great gear you run does. I have the pic you sent via surespot btw. I also have the screenshot of where you tried to clown another rep on here... remember that one? I have plenty of screenshots from ppl about you... but I'm not a chicken shit turd that puts non-shit talkers business out there because I respect them. So the sly little comment about doing reviews you have, I gotta ask "Who would ask someone nobody has ever seen to do a review?" You're a ghost bro, a fucking enigma, you're Sasquatch, Santa and the Lochness Monster all in one because nobody has seen you bro... except me cuz I have a pic of you where you claim to have just finished a cut... dude you're value here on the forum is infinitely minuscule. Get your partner to support you if your such an asset and make worthwhile contributions. Oh my bad, you don't get along... I almost forgot (actually I didn't). Keep hating my on reviews saying people are messaging you saying they're stupid, keep hating me for all I care, bury yourself in your own pool of shit. Notice I didn't mention your name, but you can't help it... you'll reveal yourself to the board and say something slick and then I'll post up some shit that'll have you looking even worse once you reveal yourself. Don't surespot me tripping about this thread, don't ask me to delete it, or bother running to Dylan either that's just so anti-climactic. Just read this and be done done with it.

    The 44

    How it all ended:
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    Drama, oh yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxadvance View Post
    Drama, oh yeah
    Gotta love it bro... here's some real fraudulent shit to read as well:

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    When I paid my $350, you said for an extra $100 that you'd get Rich Piana and Kali Muscle to be in it with you.....jk.... wtf $350????
    That is some funny drama shit man.

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    Oh man this is better then rich and bostin going at it lol! Fuckin 44! Give it to him 💪

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    And in the blue corner weighing in at

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    Lift Insane And Eat To Gain

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY View Post
    No grapefruit bro

    Hahaha. Honestly, how many times did you watch that video.

    Pm me for Robolics GAINS!

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    Gotta love the forum boys, it's our home. BUMP

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    please PM me for inquiries

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