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Thread: Bitcoin & DarkNetMarkets?

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    OK, was just putting it out there - but obviously not well received, and people are happy with the status quo. I hope not all vendors will have the slow processing time that I experienced just last week.

    As for getting ripped off, that's the whole point of the "eBay rating and feedback" system - scammers are reported, and hence no one buys off them due to high negative feedback - simple.

    As for whether or not the sites are encrypted - how do you think Silk Road stayed alive for years, and how some of the ones still alive now have been around for like 6-8 years? And here, you try decrypting this: (yes, that's an actual message)

    -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
    Version: GnuPG v1

    QJehvPI9cUEQ8hBlBZdmIs0zsYqApCEGEW5HimDiNYwXjOOdZ7 tTdG9amIHgxe94
    Ry/DExLNpcW5iI5t4OZvYl5IuunUjIQB3KGD4JPT3k18KdnM4bAyL 7wZe+MG+F9d
    Hu4Pl5l5cPMXaprkJDOzYeUfg0a6Nuzd2iy0fP3Go9d5l8T3u3 x8PXQW4qujFwdt

    -----END PGP MESSAGE-----

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    Quote Originally Posted by [9oNe6][email protected] View Post
    just some advice and so people do not start to have any sense of false security here, if DOJ or any other 3 lettered gov faction have interest in any person having secured emails and bitcoins is like pissing in the ocean, it wont make a drop of difference. They have access to everything and anything, now if they access these legally or not or submit what they discover to the courts is a different story
    this is very true - so I guess it doesn't really matter what we do, IF they wanted, they 'could' bust whomever they want. I suppose they generally have bigger fish to fry though.

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