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Thread: BioTech - Domestic Source Main Thread

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    We're happy to announce we're adding GOD OF WAR as a rep. He'll be assisting cbbram so let's welcome him to the Bio-tech L team.
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    Looking forward to being a member of the team.

    PM me for a Bio-Tech price list.

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    10% OFF BTC orders

    BTC orders over $750 will receive 1 free 20ml vial of Test of your choice.

    PM me for a price list.

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    Merry Christmas
    BioTech Rep -Message me on Wickr messenger for a price list and ordering info. Wickr - cbbram

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    Still have 3 days left on the holiday sale.

    PM me for a price list.

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    Don?t pass up on this Sale guys. I?m on Bio-Tech Test Cyp and Mast E and I feel like Superman Their products are the no joke. Hit cbbram up before the sale ends

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    New products added to the list:

    50 Caps - 20mg Cialis

    50 Caps - 100mg Viagra

    50 Caps - XXX Stack 40\40
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    Ordered Biotech Deca and Primo several days ago through Cbbram. This is my first time ordering like this.

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    Happy New Year!

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