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Thread: Big Lexi IWGF update

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    Big Lexi IWGF update

    Hello boys and girls!!!!
    I am so sorry for such a long silence but we had major set back here in our household. Well Mrs biglexi had an unfortunate accident and I wish I could tell u she was lifting massive amounts of weight but that’s not a case at all. Well she tore her ACL and meniscus and underwent reconstructive surgery of her knee last week. Bottom line it sucked still does and it will for a while now. On a positive note she is already walking with full weight bearing on it with the brace. I’m in a business of it so I’m helping her with rehab daily so hoping for fast recovery. We will be implementing GH starting next week to aid recovery. It’s safe to say that past 4 weeks have been nothing but hell and it has been a one man show. It’s rough.
    Anyway I did not miss a bit training whenever I can staying on the diet like a good boy but I’m sure cortisone levels are off the charts!!!! In the pix it’s my update that I sent to my coach and he is very happy how things are coming. Currently sitting at 284 the weight finally stabilized which is great so he scheduled a weekly cheat meal for me which is great. At this point only hitting test cyp and deca and 4 ius of gh on training days. That’s it. !!! Pretty happy with the strength and off season look. Very happy with gear from IWGF. Always on time and on point. Very excited with new line up that he has for us. Can’t wait to hit new compounds. I hear they are awesome ... my day will come soon until then hitting weight hard and heavy and working with Mrs to get her back in track. I should be more consistent with my updates from now on. Sorry again for such a long break.

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    Looking good, brother. Are you running Axio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by costatoyz View Post
    Looking good, brother. Are you running Axio?
    Thanks bud. No. I put my order before the new line happened but I hear it’s all fire. I’m sure it is !!

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    WOW bro looking great !!!

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    Nice bro! Looking good man. Sorry about the missus. Give her out best.

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    Looking good big dog. So sorry to hear about you're girl. That's no bueno but with her dedication I'm sure she'll bounce back in no time. Can't hold a winner down that's for sure.

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    Hey guys!!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying ur IWGF goodies. I have been. Quick update on the progress. Morning weight 285 which has been the highest ever for me. I understand I don’t look shredded but that’s not a goal now. We just made some adjustments increased Aromasin to harden up and I have been getting too soft also dropped GH a bit. Still just running test and deca and working my ass off at the gym. I must say that great it absolutely on point. I love it. I hope u guys are enjoying ur Axio stuff. I’m running the old supply still and no reason to change yet since I have some left and keep making progress.
    We’ll most likely jump on it as we start prepping for a show starting in January. I feel really good on the gear no sides to speak of. Feeling the strongest I have ever been running just what I’m running. Which is very basic stuff. No need to get fancy here yet. Changed the diet a bit as it’s been a year -12 months that I have done nothing but pound food day in day out and all clean food. Try to do that for a year never stray. There are some of us out there who r just as nuts I’m sure. Yeah Dylan is one of those SOB that won’t get if the plan !!!
    5 weeks to the date and Mrs Lexi is squatting full ROM after her ACL meniscus reconstruction which is absolutely amazing !! Slowly getting in a grove with her knee. It’s just matter of time when she’ll be back full force and back in action.
    Keep working hard guys. Keep using good supplements that IWGF can hook up with it you know it’s good and legit.

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    Back is looking wide and thick!

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