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Thread: Best source for Stenabolic? (SR-9009) Preferably capsule form

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    Best source for Stenabolic? (SR-9009) Preferably capsule form

    Looking for a reputable retailer for Stenabolic. I read that Sarms4you is a scam and sarmsx was shut down. Thanks

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    No one knows??? i have the same question

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    There are plenty of other Pharma Lady SARMS available on the forum. Just use an alternative. When Global Anabolics was manufacturing their SARMS they could not get any high quality SR9009 so they decided not to manufacture. I wouldn't risk trying to get it elsewhere.

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    What about SR9011? Supposedly like SR9009 but with a longer half life and increased bioavailability.

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    You have to consider this from a business point of view also. Most manufacturers pick the biggest sellers.

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