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Thread: Best HGH source

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    Best HGH source

    Who has high quality HGH? Experience only, no theories.

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    Cbbram or IWGF EUtropin is legit. Been on for 2 months and have labs, my IGF1 level was over 2xs top end range.

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    What’s the website link

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    No website link, they are a vendor here.

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    Okay so cbbram walk me through how to purchase

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    Best HGH is always pharmacy grade. PharmaComStore has several options:

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    You cannot go wrong with PharmaComStore. We have a wide selection of peptides from pharmaceutical grade to UGL, and you will definitely see results!

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    "taz10" for 10% bonus

    PM for link to order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billhen View Post
    Okay so cbbram walk me through how to purchase
    PM me and I'll send you a price list.

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    Genotropin if you can find legit. 2-3iu for muscle growth is all that is needed.

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